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Kaltura Capture is a screen recording application, integrated with Kaltura, that allows you to record anything on your PC or Mac screen(s), your webcam, and your microphone. Kaltura Capture is great for recording software demonstrations, providing a tour of web resources or a Blackboard course, and recording presentations that might mix PowerPoint, desktop applications, and web content. In addition to being available to you at no cost, a significant advantage of Kaltura Capture over other quality screen recording tools like Screencastify or Camtasia is that Kaltura Capture publishes directly to your Kaltura My Media for hosting, automatic captioning, editing, and publishing.

To create a Kaltura Capture recording:

  1. Login to Kaltura via Blackboard or MediaSpace.
  2. To begin a new Kaltura Capture screen recording, choose the Add New button and choose Kaltura Capture.
  3. The first time you select Kaltura Capture, you will be prompted to download the Windows or Mac version of the Kaltura Capture application. Click the appropriate link to download the software and install. This first time only, you may need to close the Blackboard pane by clicking the red X in the upper left after the software install and re-select Kaltura My Media from the Tools page.
  4. Once the software has been installed on your computer, select the Add new button and choose Kaltura Capture. Your PC or Mac will launch the Kaltura Capture application.
  5. In the top right corner of the Kaltura Capture application, click New Recording. A recording tool panel will appear.
  6. Use the record panel to configure your recording.
    1. Select which screen to record and whether to record the whole screen or a portion of the screen. If recording a portion, click and drag to move and resize the recording window.
    2. Select or deselect the webcam. If you do not have a webcam, click the middle of the webcam button to turn this option off.
    3. Verify your audio is working by speaking into your microphone and looking for movement on the microphone button image.
    4. Click the Manage link to modify the settings of the recorder.
  7. When you have your Kaltura Capture application configured, click the red button to begin recording.
  8. While recording, you have several options available in the recording panel including:
    1. Pause and resume recording. This is especially helpful if you want to rearrange content in the recording window or take a break to collect your thoughts.
    2. Open the annotation panel using the pencil icon. This makes available several tools for you to annotate your screen while you record.
    3. Minimize the recording panel. This is helpful if you do not want the recording application panel to be visible in the recording. You can also position the panel out of the recording window (if less than full screen) or on another screen if you have more than one.
    4. Stop the recording. This stops the recording and displays the Kaltura Capture application.
  9. Edit the recording information, including Title, Description, and tags if desired.
  10. Click Discard to discard the recording or Save and Upload to upload the recording to your Kaltura My Media page. Your recording will begin to upload; you can see the progress in the Capture application.
  11. Return to your Kaltura My Media page. Your new recording should be visible, though it will likely be processing for several minutes.

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