Adding Hotspots for Interactivity

The hotspot functionality in Kaltura is designed to display a configurable hotspot on top of a video during playback. When a viewer clicks the hotspot, they are taken to either another timestamp within the video or a URL depending on how the video author configures the hotspot. Hotspots can be resized, recolored (including 0-100% transparency), and are designed to be configured to display for a specific time range. For example, an author could create a hotspot, displayed for 10 seconds from 2:30-2:40 in a video, that when clicked, pauses the video and opens a browser tab to a web-based article. The hotspot functionality is added in the Video Editor, along with video editing and quizzing functions.

To add a hotspot to a video:

  1. Login to MediaSpace or Blackboard/Kaltura My Media.
  2. Locate the video to which you want to add hotspots, click the video title to open its media page.
  3. Click Actions and Launch Editor.
  4. When the Video Editor opens, choose the Hotspots button from the left button menu.
  5. Use the timeline at the bottom of the editor to navigate to the moment in the video you'd like to add a hotspot, then click Add Hotspot.
  6. Configure the options for the hotspot including the title (text displayed), color, transparency, URL, and the time displayed. You can also drag the hotspot preview to the desired location on the screen, as well as resize it using the handles on the hotspot.
  7. When you have finished the configuration, click Save. Repeat for additional hotspots.
  8. Hotspots will populate the left panel of the interface, choose the three dots on any hotspot to edit the configuration.
  9. When done adding hotspots, click Save and then click the back arrow at the bottom left of the interface to exit.
  10. Unlike quizzes, adding hotspots does not create a copy of the video, the hotspots will be overlayed over the original video when played.

Creating and Managing Hostpots using the Kaltura Video Editor

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